Saturday, October 17, 2015

Tons of Halloween Looks / ideas / Inspiration (also perfect for last minute!)

Hi sweethearts <3 

Sitting here in my bed with my Ben & Jerry's and I though to myself why not blog a little bit since it has been a while? I am so pumped up for Halloween at the same time I am not and let me tell you why. I guess as many of you know, I LOVE Halloween, it is the time of the year you can wear whatever the hell you want and no one would bat their lashes against you and it is also the perfect time of the year to get super creative. Like decorating, carving out pumpkins, giving kids candy when the ring the doorbell for trick / treat and being dressed up, everything is spooky and of course last but not least, TIM BURTON MOVIES, OMG !! <3

It is just something so evil and mysterious in the air whenever it is Halloween and I really get in to the holiday spirit, I get all giddy just by thinking about it, hihi. Yeah, as you can tell, I am quite excited. <3 

I have  been thinking about what I want to dress up for this year, that is what makes me sort of anxious about Halloween because I got so many ideas but I never have the entire look pulled together when I am coming up with an idea, only like bits of it and I cannot really afford it right now to go full on with a certain look... That is what sucks the most, I have that mentality that I either go big or go home, idk why but that is just me... I have been thinking about making some tutorials on Youtube for you but I don't know how long it will take to make them since recording, editing etc takes many hours to do and I don't usually have the time to just take my camera and to start doing all of that... As I said, I am not promising anything but I will try to do it, at least 1 tutorial. I have been thinking about dressing out as an evil clown, sugar skull, vampire, cat, fairy or doll... I am not quite sure yet, as I said, I am still thinking about it. I have been dressed previously as Harley Quinn, vampire, mouse and lion so I will not be going for those looks again this year, well maybe only Harley Quinn but that is because I am going to comic con / gamex here in Stockholm and I am going to cosplay her since I got her entire outfit all set-up but I will not be Harley this year since I have been her on Halloween 2 years ago. I think I might go for a sexy cat or even a clown  this year since I am not too keen on spending tons of money this year on a Halloween look.

Here is some inspiration and for you to get you in to the spirit and some ideas if you want to go for something this year  - 

Jack O'lanterns / pumpkins nailart design, also very easy to do and a little something if you dont want to dress up / have a costume on this is a great option .

Easy deer makeup

Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas
Evil clown

Comic Book character

Easy, cute and chic Clown, LOVE LOVE LOVE, might do something like this... I get so inspired <3

Queen Of Hearts

This is a great look if you want something not so in your face but still something of an extra touch. I would pair this look up with pink lips and blush to make it look more doll like bur each to their own :* 

A step by step on skull face look
Also a good step by step if you wanna do a skull or some sort of look that includes a mouth like this 
Broken porcelain doll

Sugar skull

Sultry Vampire
Wicked AF Harley Quinn 

 Soure : Pinterest, Tumblr.

That was it babes. I hope this gave you some ideas, obviously you can take any of these looks and modify them to your own liking, just play around and have fun. I hope you found this somewhat helpful, I have had a lot of questions from people on what they should be for Halloween so I thought I might as well do a full blogpost about it instead. Happy Halloween sweethearts :* <3 

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