Monday, January 16, 2017

Video Update - Where Have I Been?

Omg.... Yes, hello sweethearts, I am alive !!! <3 

Seriously, you have NO IDEA what I have been through these past months !! It has been crazy. Like shit show crazy! I don't know y'all, it has been sooo so so much happening that I decided to make a video about it since it would take FOREVER to write it all out. This is probably the most up close and personal you have even seen me. This video was very hard to film for me and I debated a lot back and forth if I was going to upload it or not. I have decided that I will. Took me 5 days after filming this do get to that decision.

Also I have cut all of my hair, omg! Don't get freaked out, I had to. My hair was so flipping damaged after all the bleaching, coloring, styling with heat etc. that I couldn't save it anymore, it was way beyond saving and it was so damaged so I decided that I will just cut it all of and leave it be completely. I have however ordered a few wigs that I will be rocking and also after this video I will go back to my regular blog posts updates. This was unusual for me to do, I am not used to talk so deeply on camera so this was all new for me as well. Is this something you like or shall I keep up with the regular blog posts ? Let me know in the comment section below . <3 

Fyi - This video is pretty long , I would suggest you to get a snack or something before watching this. I am kind of nervous tbh to have uploaded this, especially when it contains a lot of sensitive information. However I felt like I owe it to you and myself to put this out there. I couldn't upload a blog post until I got this out of the way and out of my chest. Don't forget to watch this in HD and full screen for best quality. 

Thank you so much for watching and for all the love and support, I STILL cannot believe even after all this time you are still coming in here to my blog, You truly never give up on me. Thank you. <3