Friday, February 17, 2017

Chameleon At Full time

Hi sweethearts ! how are you all? <3 

Today is going to be a blog post, don't worry lol. It is Friday today but in all honesty I don't feel like going out or doing ANYTHING besides chilling in my bed, clean a little bit then do some pamper evening routine since it was AGES ago and dear lord how I need it!
Especially after being so stressed out in school with all the studies and short deadlines. Now when I think about it, I haven't really had the time of taking care of my self like scrubbing the body, do a hair and face mask, tan and even using my damn moisturizer, like wtf?
I do however have a hard time using body lotion during the winter time since it is so bloody cold and it is already freezing enough to get out of the shower and get dressed, I will freeze EVEN MORE if I apply my body lotion and wait for it to dry while dying slowly from frostbite lmao. I think everyone who lives in a colder climate can totally relate to this problem, I am way better of taking care of my skin during summer than winter tbh which should be the other way around since your skin is so dry during winter and needs all the extra care it can get. Lmao, did I just wrote about body lotion for these past minutes? Yes you did jawa. 

ANYWHO - This week has been so damn stressful and a big clusterfuck of emotions. Just when I felt great and everything was going so well then OF COURSE it just HAD to happened something. I mean, nothing has actually happened but it is you know those little things in your everyday that just builds up and then you start to stress over it and then all of a sudden your anxiety levels are at their peak. It's like, I really want to write it out here but I know some people I know will not take it as a good thing and honestly the last thing I need is drama starting from their ends and sometimes you just gotta learn to keeps things shut and for yourself which is one of those things.
Let me just say, I really love my real friends and it makes me see how much they love and appreciate me for who I really am and that means literally the world to me. <3 

Also here are some pictures I have taken lately, this makes me realize how different I always look, my classmates are a bit confused every time they see me and it makes me laugh every time as well :)

Regina Georges sista from another mista #meangirl
Princess Bubblegum Vibes, woop ! 

Unprepared picture that actually turned out pretty OK

me and my nr 1 ultimate babe Nicole, love you lots <3 



Taken 2 days ago

Christmas time
Christmas time, was really feeling the vintage vibes that day for some reason

Me with silver hair, also, the first time trying the wig

This is what I actually look like normally FYI *laugh crying emoji*

I hope y'all are satisfied now with the amount of selfies and update because I have some studies to get done with. TTYS :*

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