Saturday, February 4, 2017

Silver Hair + Another Video + Update

Hi sweethearts! <3 

How are you all doing? As for me, I am great, just a little bit tired but other than that things have been going REALLY well since last time I posted. You can kind of see the difference of my mood between my last video and now this, it is literally like 2 different people lol. I am kind of amazed how well things got after I posted that last video in my last blog post. I was so nervous putting it out there and still kind of am but the thing is with me I do not look back or read my old stuff that I have posted in the past, at least when it comes to these sort of difficult and personal experiences. I put out what I feel in that moment and that time and of course it changes since life is changing all the time, we go through hardships, we live, we grow. That is the circle of life. I do not beat over the things that has been happening in my past. The reason why I even started this blog ages ago was because I wanted to write out what I feel and what I go through, to me, this blog, is a self biography in a way for me and that is available for everyone to read. I must admit, since I started school again I have been a bit angsty for them to find this blog and read about my personal life since I am nothing alike at school as I am in private but at the same time I feel like if you want to get to know me really well, on a personal level, this is the best way. I am awful at expressing myself with words irl but here, I am fully myself and I really put myself out here for everyone to see, it is very liberating for myself to do so and have this blog so I can vent out. I also feel that if anyone from my school find some weird shit here (it is bound to happen, sorry lmfao) well...

Life ain't perfect, the difference between me and you I just document my weird, good and bad experiences and I think that is also why people still come here to my blog because on some level you can relate to what I am feeling in my writings and it is hard to be this open as I am here and I understand not everyone can do that, especially on the internet since it can be a scary place at times and a lot of sensitive information can be found but honestly, I have learned to put myself out there, I like doing it and I fully understand that not everyone is capable of doing it as I do but that is also one of the main reasons people read my blog, instead of writing out their own words they can relate to mine and my experiences and suddenly it doesn't feel so lonely or hard anymore. That is also the main reasons why I blog.

I know I should be writing more but honestly I don't always have the time, I feel it is much more time consuming doing it rather than just talking to a camera, record it and then put it up. In this video I talk about what has been up lately and also trying to do my makeup at the same time as I am talking, which doesn't go so well... LOL.

I will be posting more videos on youtube, I will do vlogs there from time to times and also I will be doing more beauty videos over there so subscribe to my channel if you aren't already so you don't miss out on anything. It can take some time to put the videos out here on my blog in posts since I film them and put them out on my youtube channel so if you do not feel like waiting and want to keep up to date I would recommend you subscribing to my channel and to my instagram as well since I do post there from time to time.

jawavoncherie is my youtube name and my instagram name , so give it a follow if you like and I TTYS :*

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